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May. 19th, 2009

V-pattern scarf as my friend Miranda taught me.

Hey, guys!!

So, this was the one time I finally showed up to the meeting and nobody was there, LOL!!!
Good thing I had a friend with me, hehe.
Where did everybody go? Did our knit group fizzle and die? Was it my fault? 


this monday

so what's the dealio for this monday? classes end at 1 for me, so i am free after that.
added kitty/bear ears
started this a week ago, put it to the side for a bit, and finished it this weekend

end of blocking process. i binded it off because i was ready to start something newww. plus, my dad is coming next week and i already promised him a hat by the time he gets here!

finished this last night

it's sooososososo soft.
this is my third hat but the only one i like so far!

so it looks like the layout of this journal won't allow 640x480 size. is there a way to fix that so i don't have to shrink down my photos each time?


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